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Security Blog

Defending the Kingdom is where I wrote about online and offline security and privacy solutions for laypeople from 2006 to 2012.

There's also a Defending the Kingdom eBook that has all the best content from the main site (and a lot of completely new stuff) to keep you secure. Check out the eBook page to get the first five pages free!

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Web Design

I designed the UBC Real Estate Club website, and posted real estate related news and research articles between 2005 and 2006.

Image of UBC Real Estate Club Website

Qekeg Energy Saving Corporation. This company was designed to lease energy efficient lights to homeowners looking for cost savings on their electric bills, but it didn't quite get off the ground.

Image of Qekeg.com website

Academic Projects

My MSc. Economics dissertation (pdf) for the University of Nottingham (UK). Awarded with Distinction.

Screenshot of graphic appearing in dissertation

Economic Growth and Well-Being: The Limits to Pessimism (pdf). Published in the Nottingham Economic Review (December 2009), I wrote this after reading G.D.P. R.I.P. and Is bigger worse?

Clipped image of graph of gdp growth

An economic feasibility study of green buildings in Vancouver (pdf). Compiled with my able cohorts, Noam Goldenberg and Dan Kawai.

Image of coverpage for green buildings paper

A real estate development proposal (pdf) for a Seattle waterfront property with accompanying slides (pdf).

Image of coverpage for development proposal